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Datum:09.08.08 18:30
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>yeahhh geiles spiel. und als am ende dann noch rauskommt dass man offenbar eigentlich ein notgeiler stalker ist der das mädl heimlich beim schlafen beobachtet wars perfekt^^

Jepp, erst sammelt man Puzzleteile, hinterher muss man dann auch die Story wie ein Puzzle zusammensetzen. Hier meins (wer kein Englisch kann hat Pech gehabt *g*):

My interpretation: Tim is a selfish man who has a dream: To create the atomic bomb. He's working on the Manhattan project (there's a dialogue referring to Manhattan) and becomes obsessed with his work. He finally succeeds, he sits in a bunker in the desert and watches the first nuclear explosion. Someone says "now we are all sons of bitches". Tim has been so busy with work that he didn't care for his girlfriend (who is not the princess, the princess is the bomb) anymore. She still loved him but with him trying so hard to build the bomb he didn't keep up the false impressions she had of him. Earlier he always tried to be the perfect friend, now that he only lives for the bomb his girl realizes who he really is. And she is scared. He starts stalking her, she runs away from hin, even tries to kill him and ends up in another man's arms. Tim is mad. He wants revenge and destroys the city they live in with an atomic bomb. And that is the beginning of the game, where Tim is about to die from the explosion (see title screen) and experiences his whole life again during his final seconds, the many mistakes he did, his memories a total chaos and he has to put together the many pieces. The epilogue is real time. I'd say by realizing his mistakes he still made it to heaven (the whole level seems very peaceful and there is that lone cloud in the final screen next to his castle) and finally found peace.

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